Lament of the Increasingly Irrelevant White Guy

(to be sung à la Woody Guthrie, in the key of "Mi, mi, mi, mi—MI!") I hate those PC leftiesOur freedom is destroyed By using a respectful wordDisgruntled white guys feel absurd What's wrong with good ol' English namesOur ancestors deployed? CHORUS: My daddy is a "Paki,"My mother is a "kike"My sister, she's a "cripple" … Continue reading Lament of the Increasingly Irrelevant White Guy

Semantic Bleaching

"Life on hold sucks!"read the bus shelter ad. They meant the pandemicI suppose But what a wry, ironic understatementIf you think of the awesome reality of life on hold. {That's awesome in its original meaningOf inspiring ecstasy and terror, the experienceThat the Romantics called the sublimeAnd that must have also crossed Aristotle's mind when he … Continue reading Semantic Bleaching

A Beautiful Tangle

My life is a beautiful tangle ofdahlias. Yet how difficult to acceptwhat despair or delightis offered on any given day. I always want what is not offered,yet what is offered could be blessed:only missing my acceptance. What I wanted on this day?to awaken and watch himsleeping, all-gathered, not mine. Instead, these dahlias: Their blood-burst,their unraveling … Continue reading A Beautiful Tangle