Serious Two-Bite Brownie Habit

it helps me forget how awful we've become 1. Awful Sex I'M SUFFERING TODAY FROM Eine-kleine-schokolade-kuchen-schade, the bewildered, shmooshed-together feelings of shame, hopelessness and despair I experience walking home from the corner store, having purchased a pack of "Two-Bite Brownies" for later, mindful delectation. But I am desperately empty now and I eat them en … Continue reading Serious Two-Bite Brownie Habit

A Little Knowledge in All the Wrong Hands

But before we get to that—poor Meghan Marple, Duchess of Sussex! Right? That's all. I start my day with that simple novena to the difficulty of being a beige-colored quasi-Royal in a world where pink-and-white full-bore Royals are no longer respected, even coming as they do from a long, distinguished line of Mountbatten-Windsor-Bowes-Lyon cannibals and … Continue reading A Little Knowledge in All the Wrong Hands

A Forced March Into an Already-Old New Year

Lockdown lunacy, a challenge for Nicole—and Trump's "come-as-dumb-as-you-are" farewell party, with sparklers. I’M PANDEMICKED, WHO ARE YOU? ARE you Pandemicked, too? Did you awaken this morning, as I did, with a stone for a heart, and emitting a groan that echoed through the inner city like twelve ambulances en route to a burning trap house? … Continue reading A Forced March Into an Already-Old New Year

I’m Coping Very Well by Ignoring Reality

and I cannot stop touching my face Part 1: Hurray! A Virus that's not gay! IN THIS BRAVE, NEW, NOVEL CORONAVIRUS world, I'm not afraid of what I might encounter on the streets, in the produce section of Loblaw's or on a crowded streetcar. I'm afraid of what I'll encounter at home. In what should … Continue reading I’m Coping Very Well by Ignoring Reality

Well, thank gawd THAT’s over…

... and now, back to reality. The natural ruling party of Canada, the Liberals, didn't exactly ace the election, but, considering Justin's lapses of taste at costume parties and his penchant for making little Attorney General girls cry, they didn't do too badly. Doug Ford still looks like this, though: I don't want to confuse … Continue reading Well, thank gawd THAT’s over…

Keep your kids, like. Ignorcent?! (TM) with Dug-Up Ford and Susan Dreamy, D.D.

Hi, I'm like,   Susan Dreamy?  D.D?  That's Doctress of Dreaminess, OK?  And I'm here today to help you live a dreamy, Life?  Also to talk to you about the things that are really, really, Like, important?  OK?  So let's get, like, started? So Dug-Up Ford and like, the Conservatives in Ontario, have, like. Your kids best interests. … Continue reading Keep your kids, like. Ignorcent?! (TM) with Dug-Up Ford and Susan Dreamy, D.D.

I have a perfectly good excuse +PLUS+ I SOOOOO Don’t Dig Dug-Up Ford

I admit that “perfectly good excuse” thing sounds a little defensive, and it didn't work with Miss Smedley, either, but it's been AGES since I've posted something. This blog, the tainted well from which I drew the idea and some of the content for my book —the cranky, anti-social triplets named PeeDeeEf, Epub and Paperback … Continue reading I have a perfectly good excuse +PLUS+ I SOOOOO Don’t Dig Dug-Up Ford

The Night-Mayor Before Xmas

Zombie Rob returns from the dead, and this time he means business PLUS: Random Reco's Aw Jeez, Louise, not another one! Sometimes... trying to choose my words, here ... sometimes... ... how to put this - sometimes it's like, you've just this minute finished whacking your living-dead disgrace of an ex-mayor in the noggin with … Continue reading The Night-Mayor Before Xmas

Voting shame and sibling loathing

I just found out that my sister voted for ROB FORD. <flossing brain> A slight pause as I explain Rob Ford to my American friends.  Let's see.  Imagine that Sarah Palin overdosed on, what? moose meat, and somehow got genetically shmooshed up with Divine. Don't ask me how. Christ!  Maybe she fell into the transgromulator, OK? That thing … Continue reading Voting shame and sibling loathing