A brief chocolatey interlude

while I try not to fret about everything falling apart like a wet cardboard box. Facebook Life Event: Inventor of the Two-Bite Brownie Multiple Oh, Yeah It came to me in a gush of warm, velvety creaminess that enveloped my face. It was //NOT ENOUGH// to enjoy an entire pack of Two-Bite Brownies //OR// an … Continue reading A brief chocolatey interlude

Everything Depends on This

the madness, mayhem and magic of Peter Bogdanovich's 1972 tour-de-farce "What's Up, Doc?" "What's Up, Doc?" Release date: Mar. 9, 1972 (New York City)Director: Peter BogdanovichCinematography: László KovácsStarring: Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal, Madeleine KahnScreenwriters: Buck Henry and · David Newman & Robert BentonAwards: Writers' Guild of America: Best Comedy Written Directly for the Screen (All … Continue reading Everything Depends on This

Book Launch Teaser #4, For the Underemployed

Today's live broadcast is dedicated to my dear friend Roz Lawrence, because today is her birthday and she is the only person I know well who's older than me. Roz, have a wonderful day! In this episode, I fight off an attack orchid, and, assisted by my invisible friend Glen, contemplate names for bath houses … Continue reading Book Launch Teaser #4, For the Underemployed

From My Squalid Kitchen: Episode 6—Mature Mayonnaise Marathon

https://vimeo.com/davidroddis/mayo UPDATE: I received this heartfelt email from a "fan": “ Dear Wannabe Film Maker Who Can't Even Operate His Smartphone: Me and a couple of other male colleagues booked maternity leave so we could watch your "Mayonnaise" epic, which clocked in at 20 minutes of nothing but you stirring an egg in a bowl. … Continue reading From My Squalid Kitchen: Episode 6—Mature Mayonnaise Marathon