Moving Internet House…

Restlessness strikes again.

Hello Beloved Followers and Subscribers.


Faced with’s rising costs, the irritating impossibility of controlling my site’s functionality and appearance, not to mention being plastered with ads I didn’t approve of, and accessory costs for having a branded email, not to mention connecting my domain name…ugh.

I decided to go the self-hosting route again. I’m still using WordPress, but the .org, standalone website version, which offers many more benefits.

I’ve already moved my site over to GreenGeeks®, an eco-friendly hosting provider that’s super woke, offsets its carbon footprint, and even plants a tree for every new account they provision.

I call that adorable.

So although I won’t be taking this version of the site down any time soon, I wanted to let you know that:

If you’re an email subscriber, you don’t need to do anything – I’m going to migrate your subscription over to the new site. Make sure you change any bookmarks to reflect NOT “” which is what you’re viewing right now. This site won’t receive any further updates.

If you’re following me as another WordPress user, you’ll still see new posts in the Reader, but you won’t receive any email updates about posts on the new site. I don’t want to lose you in the shuffle, so head on over to and become an email subscriber, using the button on the right-hand side.

And, as mentioned above, be sure to change your bookmarks to reflect that domain name, NOT “” which is what you’re viewing right now. This site won’t receive any further updates.

I value each and every one of you for following and subscribing.

Check out my new book that’s due in April 2023 – while we’re on the subject, I’m asking for donations, any amount from one dollar and up, to help me do a professional job of the publicity on this one and make it the huge success I deserve. In exchange, you get copies of the book and acknowledgement in the book itself! Find out more on this page:

» Help Me Publicize My New Book

If you’re into knowing more about my “process” :

I’d certainly like to share that I’m already in the bathtub, doing my Lamaze, drinking neat gin and bearing down, so delivery can’t be far off. As you might sense, it’s only my debilitating, chronic shyness that prevents me from posting a selfie of this, using my iPhone 7 Plus and a cheap Betty Crocker hand mirror from Dollarama. You’re welcome, and I certainly hope you’re among the first people to find these insights useful.

Thanks again, and I hope you and your loved ones are all well and thriving. Be kind to someone today.

Except conservatives. They don’t need our kindness. They’ve told us that in certain terms, unmistakeably, with every word and gesture, with glacé cherries and rock-hard imitation vanilla icing on top. They’re just dandy, still living in that log cabin they were born in, the one that they built all by themselves.

All the best

David Roddis


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