champagne socialism

Did you know?

… that I’m a shameless self-promoter and flogger of cutting-edge merch?

I do have a way, don’t I, of hiding my light under a bushel filled with rotten apples. If you ever managed to rouse yourself off your fainting divan, you’d find my sister site, “Future Progressive”, that’s been kicking around for a few years waiting to spring into action.

For its redoubtable owner, that’s me, applies the same theory to business as he does to life, namely: When you want life more than anything, be sure to wear a condom, because honestly? No one’s desperate-to-the-point-of-tears for a small, ear-splitting, less competent copy of you in a soiled nappy; but when you want business? Ask a monkey.

It was so good to get that off my chest.

Today, I invite you to check out my newest line of casual threads and home décor, Champagne Socialism.

That’s a clever but snarky phrase, current in London during the 1980’s, which was meant to describe insufferable rich louts living high off the hog in Hampstead but who nonetheless insisted on voting for the “looney Left” Labour Party. And, true to my motto of, “Stop, wait—how can I make this more difficult?”, my latest merch riffs amusingly, darling, on constructivist art and humorless Soviet propaganda.

Because everyone knows there’s absolutely no difference between offering universal health care and maternity leave, and denouncing your parents to the secret police, then jetting over to Pyongyang for girl-cocktails with Kim Jong-un.

All that notwithstanding, my quirky duds and eye-popping conversation pieces will appeal to anyone not living in a convoy truck or a tent city, and who just bloody wishes they could do more.


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My book "A Slow Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You (and Other Observations)," on the shelves at Glad Day Bookshop, Church Street, Toronto.

Slow Painful The Book

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Praise for The Book

“Just as we’re on the verge of
losing gay quintessentials

like camp and irony, along comes David Roddis and A Slow Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You (and Other Observations),” a collection of personal and satirical essays told in the style that made gay people infamous for just being funnier.

“Roddis breathes life into a nearly lost art of arch wit, making it great to be gay again.”

— Shaun Proulx
Writer, speaker, host of SiriusXM’s The Shaun Proulx Show. Founder of #ThoughtRevolution